How to set up Genymotion and intercept it with Burp Suite

Genymotion is so far my favorite Android emulator. It’s both powerful and easy to use. It’s widely used by developers because it’s way faster than Android Studio emulator. Genymotion instances work right out of the box, however there are quite a few steps to set it up for smooth application pentesting and intercepting traffic with Burp.

Before we begin, Genymotion is based on VirtualBox. So you can preinstall it prior to setting up the emulator.

Once you go through the installation process, you can setup a proxy for all the future virtual devices. It can be done in Use your (different from your Burp Proxy port).

Next, create a new virtual device.

Once the device is up and running, you will need to install from the emulator toolbar on the right. Then find the appropriate version of , drag and drop it to the home screen and reboot the device.

Now you can login to the Google Play with your account, but you can also drag and drop files directly to home screen.

Once the basic setup is done, we can continue to setting everything up for traffic interception. We need to do 2 things: add proxy and Burp certificate to the device.

First, turn the developer mode on. It will give you access to additional features on the device.You can do it by going into and click a few times on . You should see a popup letting you know when the mode is on.

Create new network:

click Then choose for proxy and add your .

  • In Burp Proxy settings add second proxy as your IP and the same port.

Adding Proxy:

Download Burp certificate to your local machine by going to on the browser you already use to intercept traffic with Burp.

  • Change the cert extension from to Otherwise the emulator won’t be able to read it.
  • Serve it from you host machine .
  • Access it in the browser of your virtual Android device and download the version of the cert.

As an alternative, you can also go to directly from you device browser and change the certificate extension from the Emulator’s Download folder. Ether way should work.

  • Go to and add the cert for both, and .

That’s it! You should see the traffic coming through your Burp Proxy at this stage.


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security researcher and penetration tester. twitter: @kali_null

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kali null

security researcher and penetration tester. twitter: @kali_null